What is the US election campaign about for the alt-right?

The alt-right isn’t campaigning against Hillary Campaign so much as campaigning against conservative rivals. Nor are they particularly campaigning for Trump. This election campaign on the right is oddly warped by the alt-rights faith in masculine dominance games.

In another adventure of reading Vox Day so you all don’t have to, I spent some time trawling through his posts from 1 August until now. I saw something quite remarkable. Almost zero (exactly zero if I didn’t miss one) posts were direct attacks on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Instead, posts critical of Clinton split into two types:

  • Clinton is supposedly a murderer conspiracy claims. Essentially a warmed over version of 1990s hunting around for anybody in some way linked to Clinton who has died.
  • Clinton is supposedly unwell in some way. This is the odd ‘health truther‘ thing that is doing the rounds of the alt-right.

The split is 2 spooky murders versus 4 health-truther posts. 6 posts in total.

Now a lot of Vox’s posts are political in some way and obviously many of them are various kinds of bemoanings about ‘SJWs’ or rants about immigration. However, by comparison, I decided to count up posts that are specific attacks on conservatives.

In that same period Vox has posted at least 10 posts that are substantial attacks on conservatives and conservatism.

Now Vox is a bit of a nobody outside of his followers and assorted folks like myself who encountered his antics via the Hugo Award kerfuffles. However, he is a reasonable example of what the alt-right are saying and doing. While Vox doesn’t need to convince his audience one way or another on the election, normally his kind of site is where people would rehearse their arguments and talking points.

With the Trump campaign now directly aligned with the alt-right outlet Brietbart, it is interesting to see how the campaign will continue. I think we can expect to see even more overt attempts to squeeze conservativism.

The alt-right sees politics as a manichean struggle between their white-nationalism and some sort of globalist-elitist-not-elists-egalitarian-socialist-feminist-anythingtheydontlikeist conspiracy. Hence their efforts are primarily concerned with trying to radicalise conservatives rather than winning.

When it comes to Clinton not winning the elections, at this point their main focus is a kind of wishful thinking.



  1. louyuhasz

    i Live in Blue-collar Rust Belt Youngstown ( Where Trump gave his national security speech last week), and every time I hear how his support is fading and it looks like a Hillary shoe-in, I immediately open a tab and go to fivethirtyeight to reassure myself that I still live in the outlier.