Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapter 9 in which James Delingpole whines a lot

In which Delingpole gets grumpy because people challenge him about not being a scientist when he claims science is wrong but don’t challenge non-scientists who say science isn’t wrong. No seriously, that’s what the chapter is about.

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Delingpole is arguably a journalist ( he is currently the London Executive Editor of Brietbart- hence ‘arguably’) FUD producer and pro-Brexit propagandist.

This chapter is basically a giant whine. Delingpole concedes that he has little scientific background and then goes on to list many other people who disagree with his position on global warming who also don’t have a science background. He then goes on to complain about how ‘scientists’ who agree with him (citing Plimer, Michaels and Carter from earlier in the book) aren’t given the attention they deserve etc etc. Delingpole has a reputation as a satirist but this was just so unremittingly dull.

Delingpole finishes with:

But since then, the science has moved on— just like it did with humours, and phlogiston, and eugenics, and all those other theories that were fashionable for a period but which were eventually superseded by what Thomas Kuhn called a ‘paradigm shift’ in scientific thinking. This is how true science works and how it always has worked. A scientific theory, Karl Popper argued, is only useful if it contains the key to its own destruction. That is, for a proposition to have any real scientific value it must be ‘falsifiable’— capable of being proved wrong through experiment and observation. Just like has happened to the once-plausible, but now thoroughly discredited theory of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

Khun and Popper again and the same sort of mangled philosophy of science point. I wonder if every contributor was asked to work it in somewhere?


7 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapter 9 in which James Delingpole whines a lot

  1. I am back, and I have not deserted you! For reasons known only to the people who set up wifi on ships my comments to you on your blog were blocked because they thought you, Timothy, or at least your blog, were unsafe.

    This is pretty thrilling! Both you and Timothy have been elevated to the ranks of those deemed too dangerous to even let their stuff anywhere near satellites; eat your hearts out, you puny little manlings, desperately trying to make people believe that you are hardcore global movers and shakers.

    In other news I had a very nice holiday…


  2. Was there really nothing more substantive than “science has been wrong before so it’s definitely wrong now” to this chapter?

    If you were scoring these chapters I’m pretty sure there’d be a strong downward trend as the book goes on.


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