Month: Aug 2016

  • Ugh…flu or something…

    Possibly zombie apocalypse disease or the bone fever from Helliconia or man-flu.

  • Sunday Beer:Make Love Not War 2IPA

    ! Not sure what is going on on that label  

  • There are 16o Rabid Puppies

    This is a follow up to Estimating Rabid Puppy Numbers and also to a comment Greg Hullender made at Chaos Horizon That number 165 (or close to it) appears quite a bit over the years in connection with Vox Day. I wonder if it actually means anything. There have been four votes at the […]

  • Vox Day’s No Good Horrible Very Bad Week

    Not the best week for our favourite evil-genius. Sunday: The Hugo Awards didn’t collapse but instead voted for top-notch works. The multiple dark threats from 2015 amounted to little more than Space Raptor Butt Invasion aka the joke that backfired on the devilman Vox. Here he is in 2015.   Tonight will tell us one […]

  • The Neffies

    This was posted as a comment but ended up in the pending queue and people may have missed it: Passing it on for info: Readers are invited to join the National Fantasy Fan Federation ($6 with an electronic membership), notify me that you have joined (, and vote on our awards, the Neffies (given […]

  • The Sad Puppy 3 meltdown over Hugo 2016 Continues

    In yet another extraordinary display of sore-loserness, Brad Torgersen enter into the fray with a rant about how the leftwing media is ganging up on him Now, just to remind everybody: Brad (and Larry) were not really involved in Sad Puppies 4 – the relevant campaign for Hugo 2016 Brad has always been very […]

  • Sad Puppies volunteer again as the shields for Vox and the Rabids: a reply to Larry C

    Larry Correia has re-entered into the Hugo debate, apparently to lambast Hugo voters for not voting for the Rabid Puppies. As so often happens, Larry (and Brad) have forgotten briefly about the supposedly massive distinction between Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies and naturally has come down fair and square on the side of Vox Day’s […]

  • Vox ain’t just a purveyor of racism but also a purveyor of classic racism [update]

    [Not actually an update – the bit after the link went missing and I didn’t notice] I’ve discussed before Vox day’s ideological nationalism/racism is very much in line with the 19th century Know Nothings. Unfortunately, I don’t have many clear examples of him going after the Irish.  While US anti-Irish racism is sometimes exaggerated as […]

  • Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapter 12 Climate Science venus Market Researchers

    Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapter 12 Climate Science venus Market Researchers

    I’m still trapped in this hell-hole of a right-wing think-tank’s attempt to wish climate change away. It almost makes me miss Vox Day. Intro, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3, An Aside, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Section 1, Ch7, Another Aside, Ch8, Ch9, Ch10, Ch11, … Kesten C. Green & J. Scott Armstrong are both affiliated with the […]

  • Sunday Beer: Compendium

    Another beer from Kaiju – with a robot monk! I had a robot monk in my Nanowrimo story!