Review: Hunt for the Wilder People

Ricky Baker is a troubled youth. On his last chance for a foster home he is placed with a couple living a farm in a remote part of New Zealand…

Taika Waititi latest film is more in line with his earlier film Boy than his more recent What We Do in the Shadows, but if you liked either, there is a lot to enjoy here.

Sam Neill is on top form as Ricky’s reluctant foster uncle and mentor in bush-lore but Julian Dennison steals the show as Ricky – a wannabe gangster and occasional haiku writer.

It works best as a classic style children’s film but with more swearing and some violence. Definitely not a film for people who dislike violence involving animals or blood (some gruesome scenes with wild pigs including an attack on a dog by a boar). Yet, despite this it is a charming and funny film.

…and of course it makes exquisite use of sweeping New Zealand scenery.