Don’t Forget Climate Change: A Brief Aside

New Documents Reveal Denial Playbook Originated with Big Oil, Not Big Tobacco
Industry documents show common playbook is decades older than previously recognized

Fascinating news but this will still struggle to make headway in a news cycle dominated by the WTF convention, oops sorry, I mean the GOP convention.

As evidence mounts of the oil industry’s decades-long campaign of climate deception and denial, its allies have dismissed any parallels to the tobacco industry’s campaign of cancer denial. More than 100 industry documents drawn from the Tobacco Industry Archives demonstrate not only the legitimacy of the comparison between big oil and tobacco, but also reveal direct connections between these industries that go back far earlier than previously thought.

“From the 1950s onward, the oil and tobacco firms were using not only the same PR firms and the same research institutes, but many of the same researchers,” said CIEL President Carroll Muffett. “Again and again we found both the PR firms and the researchers worked first for oil, then for tobacco. It was a pedigree the tobacco companies recognized, and sought out.”