@voxday declares me beneath his consideration, again


“Considering that neither paper addresses the USA at all, it would be absolutely remarkable if either of them had.”

Sorry Vox but the first paper does discuss the USA – it is the second paper that doesn’t. Lynn & Dutton discuss the US saying “However, there remains the problem that phenotypic intelligence has continued to increase in recent years in the United States (Flynn, 2012, Table A11i, p.238), despite evidence for dysgenic fertility reviewed in Lynn (2011) and confirmed by Meisenberg (2014). This inconsistency remains one of a number of un- resolved problems.” and cite the gains in WISC-III and WISC-IV scores in table 1 (IQ gains in USA and Britain).

So, where the researchers find a decline it isn’t attributable to immigration because of the relatively small impact immigration could have and where immigration could have a larger impact the ‘declines’ are more ambiguous (or possibly rises).

Meanwhile, the brilliant counter-argument from Vox is him posting an estimate of his vocabulary size from a free internet quiz. 🙂



18 thoughts on “@voxday declares me beneath his consideration, again

  1. PROJECTION, n. [pruh-jek-shuhn] 1) a projecting or protruding part; 2) the state or fact of jutting out or protruding; 3) a causing to jut or protrude; 4) the act, process, or result of projecting; 5) Cartography. a systematic construction of lines of a curved surface drawn on a plane; 6) Photography. the act of reproducing are remote image on a surface by optical means; 7) the act of visualizing and regarding an idea or the like as an objective reality. …….. 8) VD’s first two paragraphs in that post.

    Yowza. Sort of makes me want to avert my eyes it’s so revealing.

    I wonder what topic will get him to call you a cuck?!


  2. Hey, wow, according to that test, my vocabulary size is 30325. No idea what that says about either me or VD.


  3. Online vocabulary test as a measure of superiority? Please, that’s so wrong it’s laughable. The true test is obvious. Ravenclaw or GTFO


  4. But did he take an Italian one? Vocabulary pulled down the scores in France which VD is using to blame on immigration. As said in your previous blog post maybe it’s due to French being 2nd+ language.

    To check his hypothesis and prove you are wrong he needs to take tests in Italian and see how he compares to native Italians. Otherwise it’s not only a stupid internet test but it’s apples to oranges.


  5. …does he not realize how his feud with Scalzi and TNH fits the profile of the “gamma” he’s invented?


    1. No, no that’s different because, you see it’s not the same at all because it’s different and not remotely like the other thing which it differs from completely – in fact they are the gammas because that is how different those things are i.e. completely different.

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      1. I thought women were tied to their mate but I might read too much werewolf PNR and UF…

        Us women are mysterious creatures too difficult be understood by alpha, beta, and gamma men. Real men who treat women as equals and human beings instead of property or objects may not find us as mysterious for what should be obvious reasons. 😉


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