Month: Jul 2016

  • Sunday Beer: Hazel Nutter

    An American-style brown ale with Italian hazelnuts. Poor photo because I was drinking it in a pub in North London (pre-Brexit referendum – possibly now a post-apocalyptic wasteland).

  • Ghostbusters Review Round-up

    I haven’t done a blog trawl for awhile and I thought I’d just concentrate on Ghostbuster reviews because why not? Alex Acks pulls a lot of the contradictions together with an excellent overview of what’s right and wrong with the remake and the original I have a lot of love in my heart for […]

  • Timothy says: Hugos! Vote! Vote now! Before it is TOO LATE!

    Timothy says: Hugos! Vote! Vote now! Before it is TOO LATE!

    [From the desk of Timothy the Talking Cat] Greetings, I address you all at a dark time for America. Our proud nation* stands on a precipice of two choices. Now whiny fools like Camestros might say “That metaphor makes no sense” but that is because he is a stupid head. Voting in the Hugo Awards […]

  • @voxday attacks milo?

    I read this at his blog: Seriously, what is it with Gammas? They can’t follow the rules, they get snarky and disrespectful when they’re warned, then they bitch and cry and hurl angry accusations and threats when you follow through and ban them. And they do this every single time, even though they’ve seen it […]

  • Talking Elephants in a Fleet of Airships

    Just because.

  • Don’t forget climate change: The Science section

    So that’s one whole section complete of a very odd book. Intro, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3, An Aside, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6,… The first 6 chapters of the IPA’s book “Climate Change: The Facts 2014” was ostensibly about the science of climate change. It is fair to say that it was short on facts. We had […]

  • Chapter 6: Abbot & Marohasy & Cat Astrology

    In which this book completely loses its shit and a short digression into cat astrology. Intro, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3, An Aside, Ch4, Ch5, … Michaels, Lindzen, Soon are close to being the ‘skeptic’ A-Team. The main character missing from this first ‘science’ section of the book is Roy Spencer – he of the UAH […]

  • Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapter 5 Bob Carter – Precambrian Conservative?

    Previously…chapter by chapter I’m reading a dodgy book in which people try to pretend climate change isn’t really anything to worry about… Intro, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3, An Aside, Ch4, … Robert M Carter was an Australian geologist and academic. He died earlier this year As is conventional in a review, I’ll talk about […]

  • @wikileaks wikiwatergate in alternate-Pittsburgh

    WikiWaterGate? I’m sitting in a cafe in Pittsburgh – not the actual Pittsburgh (I’ve never been there) but Pittsburgh in an alternative reality. It’s pretty dull as far as parallel worlds go – it doesn’t even have many airships. However, it is very like the reality to which you, dear reader, are used to. Technically, […]

  • Sunday Beer: Meantime Raspberry Wheat meh.

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