Hugo Choices 10: Best Fan Artist

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Best Fan Artist

The choices are:

  • BEST FAN ARTIST : Matthew Callahan. Uses photography and digital effects to create realistic war scenes of Imperial Stormtroopers using models. Clever take on war photojournalism.

  • BEST FAN ARTIST : disse86. Mainly fantasy and comic book studies of faces. Effective and well done.

  • BEST FAN ARTIST : Kukuruyo. Samey manga-ish stuff. Appears to have been nominated solely on the basis of his unfunny GamerGate comic strip.
  • BEST FAN ARTIST : Christian Quinot. Moody sci-fi and fantasy art. All good stuff.

  • BEST FAN ARTIST : Steve Stiles. Veteran fanzine cartoonist with a 70s/80s style. Fun.

A tricky one to rank. The most similar are disse86 and Christian Quinot. Least good is Kukuruyo. Callahan and Stiles are producing work that doesn’t make sense to compare one with the other.

1,2,3,4. Stiles, Quinot, disse86, Callahan

5. No Award

6. Kukuruyo




  1. JJ

    I don’t find the work by any of the nominees particularly compelling. I still haven’t decided how — or even if — I’m going to rank them. Given the wealth of really good fan art that’s out there, I’m amazed (or maybe I’m not) that this is the best the slaters could come up with for this category. 😐


    • camestrosfelapton

      I find both art categories lack context – for this reason I think Stiles or Callahan is likely to get my top vote just because you can see where it has been applied.


  2. Mark

    Callaghan – very clever idea, but I guess I found it a bit one note? Seen one moody stormtrooper portrait, seen them all? He’s very talented though, and I’d encountered his work prior to his nomination.
    Disse86 – definitely a good artist, but I wasn’t a fan of his horror-tinged stuff. I liked this one though:
    Kukuruyo – competent, but hardly stands out from the horde of manga-inspired artists out there. Competent isn’t award-worthy though.
    Quinot – compared to Disse86, I preferred his subject matter but didn’t think he was as talented. This was pretty good:
    Stiles – really not to my taste, but undoubtedly talented.

    I guess the only one I’d say could never have got an honest nomination is Kukuruyo, so he goes below No Award. The rest are a diffuse cloud that I can’t really decide on yet.


  3. Lurkertype

    I nominated Stiles (along with a bunch more talented people), so he gets my #1. The sleazebag doesn’t even get mentioned below NA on my ballot. Callahan’s one-note, but good at it. I haven’t decided my 2, 3, 4 either.


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