You Know What is a Stupid Day to Vote On? Thursdays

Minor rant. An epic decision is facing Britain. Polls close at 10 pm. People are struggling to get home after a days work and fit in voting. Transport is a mess.

Historically the UK has elections on Thursdays.

Australia, on the other hand, has its elections on SATURDAYS. Sure, some people work on Saturdays and plenty of people have other commitments on Saturdays but it still makes things substantially easier for people to get to polling stations. Not only that, buildings such as schools, frequently used as polling stations, aren’t being used for their main purpose on Saturdays.


14 thoughts on “You Know What is a Stupid Day to Vote On? Thursdays

  1. All voting in Germany is Sundays, but polling stations (schools) are only open till 6pm. If the weather is nice this can lead to low participation as well…


  2. Also, thunder, lightning and torrential downpours are not helping; something seems to have pissed off Zeus…


  3. Here in the USA, we vote on Tuesdays — also a terrible idea. But many states and counties have now implemented extended early voting, so that you can vote for upwards of two weeks previous to the actual election day.


  4. I’m entirely with you on this – Thursday is a ridiculous day – not to mention that stopping up to see the results makes Friday a bit of a pain too…
    Mind you, I’m also in favour of compulsory voting (but only in conjunction with a “none of the above” option on all ballot papers.) I know it can’t really be enforced, but it might help to concentrate people’s minds a little. I know Australia has compulsory voting but I don’t know enough about how it is implemented.


  5. I note that Barrow-in-Furness voted leave…. no connection to Timothy`s shadowy visit while on that nuclear submarine, I`m sure.


      1. I assumed as much, given his likely resentment of all the foreign felines now residing in his hometown alley (siamese, bengal, turkish angora, persian, russian blue), the absurdly excessive paperwork related to private flamethrower ownership, and the fact that they have yet to award him a lucrative research grants solely on the bureaucratic technicality that he has not applied for one.

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