Terror again

The appalling news from Orlando is being picked over hermeneutically by right/left and points in between. With its multiple points of significance (an apparent “lone wolf” attack by an Islamist terrorist using easily available weapons on LGBTI target in an electorally key state) there seems to be too much to make sense of amid the actual human cost. Things can be many things all at the same time – an event like this can be a human tragedy, a hate crime, an act of terrorism and an example of multiple other things without contradiction.

Some coverage http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jun/12/orlando-nightclub-shooting-how-attack-unfolded


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  1. “With its multiple points of significance… there seems to be too much to make sense of amid the actual human cost.”

    Really? Too much to make sense of? And you wonder why people like myself mock you at every turn.

    It was an act of war. Like when the Germans sank the Lusitania. Or when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Or when the Yemeni terrorists blew up the USS Cole. Very easy to understand.

    What I find hard to understand is the continual, and continuing effort by people from your side of the political spectrum to excuse Muslims from culpability for this kind of thing. It’s a religious war. They want us dead, because religion. They hate gays like poison, because religion. You keep pretending it isn’t so and saying “lalalala!” with your hands over your ears. You keep crying RAAAAACISM every time a cop tries to frisk some person wearing a tent and a mask at an airport.


    So, they take advantage of your behavior and kill more people. Extremely predictable.

    Also, this is not a “lone wolf” attack. This guy had been gone over by the FBI twice since 2012. He was a known asshole. Something else of note, according to the Interwebz he had a job working for G4S, a major security contractor for DHS, who among other things provides the guards for 90% of the US nuclear facilities. The shooter had multiple gun licenses and a license to be an armed security guard. Government oversight for the win.

    How does that guy keep that job? LEFTISTS SCREAMING RACISM. In Canada I might possibly go to jail for hate speech if I mention certain things from the Koran, certainly they had a good run at Mark Steyn and the guy from the Western Standard. In the USA if an employer sees all kinds of sketchy shit on some employee’s Facebook page, they can’t fire him. It would bankrupt the company. There’s a whole fucking industry of agitators, lawyers and politicians at work doing shit like that.

    None of this is difficult to understand, Camestros. Difficult to stomach, that I’ll grant you.

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