A Special Comission for Dave Freer

Dave Freer at Mad Genius Club has made some fun suggestions for other Walrus themed book covers.

Margaret Attwood would be another perfect example as she has gifted disdain for sf as ‘squids in space’ and has frequently publicly displayed complete ignorance of what she sneers at. They’d be well suited to your ‘jest’ and certainly the covers of their books – those who have written anything – have many opportunities for you to walrus.



I didnt have any great art-deco or 1920’s/30’s fonts unfortunately.

Sadly Timothy refuses to write a story based on prohibition-era Canadians – spoil sport.



  1. Mark

    I have Atwoods (clearly inferior) version of that cover on my unread shelves somewhere!

    I wondered why Dave would be commissioning more Walrus, so I went to look.

    Oh, Dave Ringo, No.

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    • camestrosfelapton

      You need to look back several posts to a failed attempt at a Johm Harris style cover. Its the gibat Walrus coming out of some clouds to match a recent Scalzi cover. Unfortunately I haven’t hit the right combo of filters to get that pastels-sumdgy-painty effect. In the end it became a generic Expanse cover.


  2. KR

    Just read the Vanity Fair article on the Mitford sisters in which Diana has the affair with Oswald Mosley and Unity runs away to Germany to fangirl Hitler. Author James Wolcott writes that she viewed parliamentary leaders at the time as “maundering walruses running England and Europe downhill.”

    Once you and Timothy have finished ruining Westerns, you could go on to mock WWII heroism with a “Greatest (Walrus) Generation” in-house series ? 🙂

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  3. lunarg

    Hmmm… The Handmaid’s Walrus? The HandWalrus’ Tale? Not very visually inspiring.
    Or perhaps The Robber Walrus, done up as a classic highwayman, complete with sword! Or if you’re feeling romantic, The Walrus Bride, in white with a veil, though you risk having people lose the Atwood reference there, and start wondering where Wesley is…
    But I don’t want to be pushy. A little Atwood goes a long way.