It’s all connected in a great big ball of interconnected connections

In a recent post I discussed the Australian Election and in many other posts, I have discussed the vagaries of the Alt-Right – most noticeably Mr Vox Day. Today Liberal* Senator Corey Bernardi tweeted a link to an article by Vox Day’s pal Roosh V.

Roosh V, of course, being the proponent of a particularly nasty form of the alt-rights pick-up artist/pro-sexual assault wing and also a man who the Australian government (of which Senator Bernardi is a member) recently banned from entering Australia  (a ban which in turn was presented by the alt-right as terrible censorship/oppression because apparently they the tough border protection laws they want shouldn’t apply to people whose blogs they like because reasons).

Now all that inherent incoherence is not what this post is about. This post is about this tag-line on Senator Bernardi’s Twitter account:

Conservative Senator for South Australia. Representing the Australian Majority and speaking up for common sense.

“Common sense” has taken on a special kind of branding for a section of the right, where the term seems to indicate “saying things that have some superficial relevance but with a moment’s reflection make no sense at all” such as supposedly pro-family values politician promoting the website of a pro-sexual assault member of the alt-right.

*[i.e. conservative, Coriolis effect etc]


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  1. David Brain

    “Common Sense” is just “Virtue Signalling”* for the (alt-)right tribe.

    *has there ever been a serious attempt to replace “common sense” with another unhelpful phrase (as they appear to be trying to achieve with “virtue signalling” for “political correctness gone mad”)?