Month: Jun 2016

  • Batman versus Superman: Or Is it Vice Versa

    I finally watched Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. This was the Extended Cut and at least one review I’ve read suggest that the extra 30 minutes makes the film substantially better. Ah. Hmm. I didn’t see the theatrical version but either that was a huge mess of a film or the extra 30 minutes […]

  • Star Warl….us

  • Robot is now looking at Clinton and Warren

    Notes that Clinton’s shirt matches its colour scheme…

  • Robot looks at Boris

    This is a companion picture to this one The rendered image is a PNG with transparency in the window bit. This mean it is easy to put anything in the window. For the version on this site I thought Timothy’s spookily good impression of Boris Johnson is worth the robot’s time and attention. [Update: […]

  • Vox Day asks me some questions about his IQ

    …which is odd because he banned me a while back. This is in response to my earlier discussion of IQ in which he provided some interesting examples. Explain why you reject IQ as a metric for intelligence. Preferably at length and with personal anecdotes. Lecture us on the 34 different types of intelligence, as […]

  • Robot at a window

  • Sunday Beer: Montieths Pale Ale

    From New Zealand  

  • Hugo Choices 10: Best Fan Artist

    Previously on Hugo Choices: Current Hugo State of Play Hugo Choices 1: Best Novel Hugo Choices 2: Best Related Work – The Story of Moira Greyland Hugo Choices 3: Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form Hugo Choices 4: Best Short Story Hugo Choices 5: Best Fanzine Hugo Choices 6: Best Fan Writer Hugo Choices 7: […]

  • More robot pictures

  • Happy Thoughts: Robot Pictures

    Not doing cat pictures because Timothy is still running around the house wearing a mop and pretending to be Boris Johnson whilst shouting “effinEurolosers” at squirrels. So here is a funky robot being funky. That’ll cheer us all right up. That and a nice cup of tea.