Its a Blogaversary!

Yup its been a year since this site has been up. Since then it has had lots of visitors, been taken over by a talking cat and been featured at such places as Amazing Stories, Black Gate and File770.

Too celebrate, it now has a SIBLING!

Baroco Ferison will just be the illustration/video posts re-blogged from this site (or vice-versa). Of course in my attempt to re-blog the stuff from one site to the other I’ve also ended up re-blogging some things here  – so lets all just pretend that was part of the Blogaversary celebrations shall we?


For those keeping track:


All 🐧 are 👹.

Some ⛄ are not 👹.

∴Some ⛄ are not 🐧.


No 👹 are 🐧.

Some 👹 are ⛄.

∴Some ⛄ are not 🐧.

In either case some snowmen are not penguins. A lesson I hope we can all learn from.


6 thoughts on “Its a Blogaversary!

  1. Your blog has a reverse twin!

    Happy blogaversary, writer (name of CF). You’ve created something smart, fun and funny here. Long may it kiss the sky.


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