Hindenburg was a disaster

Vox Day is barely even pretending these days https://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/05/sjws-are-worse-than-nazis.html?m=1
With increasingly overt anti-Semitism coming from the Trump camp, the AltRight have to up their ante also.
Vox is characterising himself as a not-nazi willing to side with actual-nazis to stop “SJWs”. Hmm we’ve seen this story before and it ends badly.

7 thoughts on “Hindenburg was a disaster

  1. He’s really losing his veneer of civilized intellect, isn’t he? So scared and hysterical… I guess he needs a safe space like his blog, the real world is too scary for him.


  2. History is not really repeating itself. The Sanders campaign is not the german communists (who viewed social democrats as main enemy), the Clinton campaign is not the german social democrats, the faltering republicans who is abandoning nevertrump is not really von Papen conservatives. And Trump is, of course, not really Hitler. But it is like some kind bad carbon copy.


    1. Marx was right. Sometimes history does repeat itself, once as tragedy, then again as farce.

      Trump as the farce version of Hitler makes perfect sense


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