Blog and other things Round Up

Alexandra Erin has returned to the fray with a new Puppies review children’s books parody and there is also a blog post on writing it

Ursula Red Wombat Vernon has playing with book covers at her LiveJournal (no Walruses sadly)

‘Ugh’ at Obsidian Wings explains how the US Federal Government ends up regulating school bathrooms against bigotry

Abby Howard’s gloriously oddly spooky The Last Halloween has reached the end of Book 1 and also has kickstarter for physical version

A late Easter cartoon

James Nicoll Reviews…Blake’s 7 Sarcophagus by Tanith Lee, a 1980 3rd Season episode of the infamously clunky-but-interesting BBC show




One comment

  1. Stevie

    You and Timothy have an extraordinary tolerant approach when it comes to downright discrimination against cats; in your shoes/pawcovers I’d be less easygoing.

    So, congratulations on thinking outside the box; after all, being in the box is a risky affair for a cat and I wouldn’t want Timothy to be in there, which makes thinking outside the box an even better idea.

    Congratulations to you both!