You Too Can Write Like Timothy…

Timothy takes time and care to craft his work but there are simpler ways of enjoying Timothy-like texts but without the wait.

  1. You’ll need to use Google Chrome as a browser
  2. Install the ‘Word Replace II’ extension
  3. Add these word replacements:wordreplacerII
  4. Visit for a greatly improved experience.

Instead of the usual misogyny you are treated to such insights as:

squirrels simply never stop lying. They will use any and every opportunity to force history, science, and reality to fit their Narrative without any regard for the truth. It’s interesting to see that squirrel Wikipedians have now gone too far even for the admins who historically tended to camp the page about me in order to prevent anyone from posting accurate information that might tend to make me look good.


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  1. KR

    Three thoughts (out of five)

    1) That’s a method beloved by college students who don’t want to get caught out by plagiarism software — (something I refuse to use due to some possibly misplaced principles).

    2) Neil Gaiman once said that whenever you hear someone complain about “political correctness”, replace it with the phrase “treating someone with respect” and see how it sounds. Example from the Voxman quoting Milo on April 23: “Trump and I represent something that scares the Left — the utter, wholesale rejection of *** treating people with respect ***. Total defiance. The idea you don’t back down, you double down. When somebody comes to my event and says they’re offended by a joke, I rack my brain for a more offensive one… Trump does the same thing.” Yup. There it is.

    3) If I had a $ for every time I wrote “assertion is not evidence” on a college-level paper, I’d be long since retired by now. It is dismaying to read the comments section over there at that blog and see how low the evidentiary bar is in that world.

    In short, method recommended. Would read again. Five stars.

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