There Will Be Walrus – Second book trailer

The marketing campaign continues apace.




  1. Stevie

    I’m overwhelmed by the sheer cynicism of this marketing campaign; utterly ruthless manipulation of our emotions, particularly when combined with the Eurovision song thingie. Do you know what it’s like to have John Lennon, plus the rest of the Beatles, plus the Mike Sammes Singers, all 16 of them, and half of the Moody Blues, on permanent replay in one’s brain?

    I’ve reached the point where I’m singing the bloody chorus!

    I realise that the drafters of the Geneva Conventions didn’t anticipate the need to make them apply to cats as well, an oversight with tragic consequences, but Timothy could still stop and ask himself whether his moral compass needs an overhaul. If that fails, as it probably will, then it’s down to the person who’s got the tin opener. I’m looking at you, Camestros!


  2. Stevie

    Yes, I think I’d got that far.

    But it’s not too late to redeem yourself; you can abjure the Dark Side, and Timothy hasn’t got a bat in hell’s chance against a light saber. Particularly when he’s failed to learn how to open a tin of cat food.

    Go for it! And may the Force go with you…