Amazing Stories Announces the Birth of a New Genre

Rave (or raving?) reviews are trickling flooding (ed. sounds better) in of There Will Be Walrus. This from Amazing Stories:

Puppies were upset by “message fiction”, SF works that they felt were too encumbered by metaphor and commentary on reality that were far too preachy with the added insult and umbrage of not falling into line with their bent view of the world.

Well folks, NOW you’ve got your message fiction, copyediting warts ‘n all.

Science Fiction written with an OVERT message, taking a take on a micro-political niche and excoriating it with appropriately bad prose.

Lets give it it’s due and call this new sub-genre Puppy SF.  Pupsif for short.  It’s located on the hierarchy somewhere near skiffy.

Anyone else wondering how long it will be before the Pupsf Awards are announced?

When indeed. When indeed. Timothy has this to say:

Mainstream publishing has for too long ignored the true creative talents of the world of science fiction. I am putting all my hopes into the new DragonCon awards because I like DragonCon and therefore all the other people who like DragonCon obviously think like me and will love my work. Not that I’ve actually been to DragonCon – I’m not sure they allow cats in. Then main thing is NO BIASED judges unlike the people running the Best Companion Animal competition at the Spring Fete this year. ‘Oh my goodness that thing is a ghastly offense against nature’ is not an appropriate comment from a representative of the local chamber of commerce and that is all I have to say on the matter.