There *IS* Walrus

Now available from Smashwords, until they decide it is too embarrassing even for them, There Will Be Walrus First Volume V.


Crafted from the finest pixels and using exquisite fonts and typographical metadata, There Will Be Walrus is the ground breaking anthology series from Cattimothy House – the world’s leading publisher of feline edited military science fiction anthologies.

The book comes with additional bonus content and includes features such as:

  • clauses
  • sentences
  • paragraphs
  • chapters

Spelling and punctuation are used throughout and in many cases radical new and exciting approaches have been taken. Copy-editing has been applied at industry standards as found in top flight Hugo nominated publishers such as Castalia House or Baen Books.

Unlike traditional publishers, we don’t seek to patronize our readers with a linked content page that actually works but instead have opted for some sort of auto-generated content page that doesn’t seem to relate to the page that was supposed to be the content page.

For connoisseurs of typos and solecisms, bonus extra ones have been added as a fun educational game for all the family. Also there are pictures but you’ve probably seen those all already.

How much would you pay for this literary event? $60? $80 $100? All credible price points for this earth-moving entry into the world of letters. Yet Cattimothy House is willing to provide this book as a special non-eARC, unlimited distribution, not-actually signed by the author price of one-divided-by-infinity dollars! Yes, by the virtue of Issac Newton’s infinitesimals you can also be part of an amazing advance in economic theory by which we (i.e. Timothy) hopes to become infinitely rich.

This is an opportunity you CANNOT ignore! Buy it today and send us you zero-dollars as quickly as you can.



  1. JJ

    My copy of the PDF is defective. The book cover is not on the first page. I want my money back.


  2. Lurkertype

    I’ve downloaded it and plan to read it soon. I’m sure it will provide hours of enjoyment. Plus I get to ask my cats why they don’t publish books. Or talk. Or anything except sleep and eat.