Quashing the rumours now – Timothy is not jumping ship

Obviously when you manage a major talent, they become subject to industry gossip. In the world of somewhat erratic and not entirely coherent right wing science-fiction publishing, news travels fast. So when people read this comment from Vox, an obvious conclusion was leaped to, 2 was added to 2 and 5 resulted and so on.

I’m looking for 10 volunteers who can review for Amazon a forthcoming book by an author we are billing as the New New Heinlein – he does Heinlein better, more respectfully, and in a much more original way than Scalzi ever did. https://voxday.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/reviewers-wanted.html

The author in question is NOT Timothy. I have an absolute reassurance from him on this. Clearly it does sound like his kind of gig but he has a distinct phobia about anything from Finland and currently wants to invest his time in his own editorial/publishing career.




  1. Mark

    So, the rumours that Timothy has signed a 3 book deal for “Walrus Troopers”, “The Number of the Tusk” and “The Star Walrus” are totally untrue?


  2. Lurkertype

    I think that’s very wise of Timothy. Chart your own course.

    Now, is there any possibility that these books he’s not writing might come out soon from his own publishing house? Will he be editing work from other cats?

    I can recommend a much better new Heinlein juvenile author than anyone Teddy Boy likes — but she’s a she, and some of the characters are part African, and some of them are girls who fancy each other. Heinleinesque spaceship, engineering, and military space opera minus the problematic aspects.


    • camestrosfelapton

      A business case has been submitted to Board a long with a new salary package for Timothy – these events of course have nothing to do with any rumored ‘negotiations’ or claims that Timothy ‘has rented an apartment in Oulu’. An announcement is pending…