And today’s random walrus picture is…

So, in some senses, this picture didn’t work. I was trying to do a walrusified version of John Harris’s cover for John Scalzi’s  ‘End of All Things’. That’s the one with the big spaceship in the clouds and it is all sort of like a Turner painting but of a spaceship.

Thing is I can’t make clouds in 3D for various reasons and in the image editing software I use I can really only do convincing clouds behind things. Also, I’d thought I’d just somehow find a good filter to make things look a bit painted. Anyway I didn’t get any of that right, nor even the composition of elements in the picture, and I didn’t leave any space for a fake book title.

Still, I think the end result looks cool. Giant techno-walrus in clouds.


The walrus model (as with the previous pictures) is from Poser Debut, the rendering in Cheetah 3D and the image editing in Pixelmator.


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