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Following up from the previous post, Larry Correia has a longer and more funny post in which he summarizes his blunt responses to Trump supporters http://monsterhunternation.com/2016/05/06/the-endless-facebook-trump-whaa-post/

WHAAAAA! If you don’t vote for Trump you can’t complain!

Oh? Watch me.

WHA? Insert Tortured Chess Game Analogy-in check because of a horrible mistake, but where a desperate gamble can still pull out an ugly win, but closes with a vow to not make that mistake in the next game…

Artistic, except Trump is more Hungry Hungry Hippos speed than Chess. Also, you assume after this victory there will be another game to be had. Not if Trump drags the GOP down with him there isn’t. Both sides will be the same color after that. It will be all big government statism to the end.

You want to talk chess? Try thinking more than one move ahead. Trump win now. Authoritarian win forever.

WHAAAAAAA! You are my favorite writer but I want to have Trump babies and you called me low information so my feeling are hurt!

Good. That was what I was going for. Low information is being charitable. That suggests you are basically a decent person who fell for a con. The other possibility is that you saw through his populist rhetoric, but you actually do want an authoritarian strongman in control. Now that would be really insulting.

I suspect the notion that Trump v Clinton means that Clinton definitely wins two terms is overblown. A second Clinton term is contingent on many things and how long a conservative/center-right realignment will take. Just no way of knowing.

2 thoughts on “tactical manly popcorn

  1. Larry really gives it both barrels, doesn’t he?

    (Actually, being Larry, I’d guess he has something with more than two barrels…)


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