Rejected Concept Art from Cattimothy House

Timothy asked the Felapton Towers art department to experiment with other cover art concepts for his forthcoming (apparently – I’ll believe it when he actually writes something) collection of ‘Military science fiction stories and essays on political philosophy’ collection ‘There Will Be Walrus’.

Obviously most of this is still top-secret development work but I can share with you this rejected book cover and title concept. Timothy thought the title sounded ‘a bit rude’.


Hopefully he may make some progress on this soon but currently he is feuding with squirrels from the nearby woods.




  1. supplanter

    Economic speculation is also popular in SF, so maybe Timmy can do a companion There Will Be Walras series.


  2. JJ

    I dunno, that’s an awesome cover, and looks like a book I’d actually pick up off the shelf at a library or bookstore.


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