New Hugo Nominees!

Thomas May announced his withdrawal of his story The Commuter (Best Short Story) the other day and Black Gate withdrew from Best Fanzine. That leaves two gaps in the Hugo ballots.

In Short Story we have the creepy/charming Cat Pictures Please from Clarksworld by Naomi Kritzer. It is a clever and fun story. Probably doesn’t change the dynamic of that category much because May’s story was the only serious contender (OK Chuck Tingle is a very humorous and increasingly competitive contender for other reasons…) but it is good to have something credible to possibly vote for.

In Fanzine the new entry is Lady Business.

I haven’t read it before. Current lead post is a review of Charlie Anders ‘All the Birds in the Sky’ which is in my TBR pile, so I’d better skip over that. Looks interesting overall.



  1. David Brain

    If “All the Birds…” doesn’t make various lists next year, I’ll be surprised. Although it’s not original in any sense, it’s beautifully written and pulls very few punches.