Combat Ready Popcorn – Monster Hunter Edition!

Larry Correia has a post pointing out the issue with nominating Donald Trump. He employs his subtle and diplomatic style to address Republican voters:

You ignorant low information bastards. Motivated by fear and anger, you overlooked every gain made over the last few cycles, and traded it in to a lying huckster democrat for some magic beans. So you could stick it to the establishment, by electing the shit bird who funded them.

Yeah, what do you know – some gullible conservatives getting conned by a populist demagogue into wrecking something in a confused bid to ‘stick it to the establishment’. Luckily Larry wouldn’t make THAT kind of mistake. Oh, wait… 🙂

No direct mention of the Theodore-in-the-room or a response in kind from Larry’s former Hugo pick.

[Update: worded less intemperately, there is a similar post from Brad Torgersen here: ]



  1. JJ

    Well, I’d better write this on my calendar. Larry actually said a true thing for once. If Trump gets elected, he will tell his voting base “Fuck you all, I’m in office now, and I’ll do whatever I want — and it won’t be keeping any of my promises to you.”


  2. Mark

    The line that he’s some sort of Democrat cuckoo in the nest is amusing. Whatever his actual politics, he’s the man the most republicans seem to want to represent them, so he’s their problem.
    Also, there’s that ongoing moan about the media not attacking him properly yet, which makes no sense from my perspective (which admittedly isn’t a US one). Now perhaps they’ve not had to try very hard to attack him because he’s sort of a walking own-goal, but he’s come over really badly anyway; the problem is all the people who think him saying buffoonish things is actually an attraction. If the media were soft-soaping him then where are the twitter and blog attacks breaking the stories that the media won’t?


    • camestrosfelapton

      Hoyt has said something similar about the media being soft on Trump – which is weird. However, I can see merit in the argument that the media was hyping Trump – in that he has been great for the news cycle but even then what the media liked was him saying stuff that would normally be disastrous for a candidate and then the media saying ‘Trump said something appalling again!’

      The true explanation for Trump was he was sent by the gods to punish Nate Silver for hubris.


      • supplanter

        The hilarious thing is that Silver abandoned his own priors to get Trump wrong. In July you could imagine he was this year’s Herman Cain, just the latest bubble at the top of a froth of changing polls. But by late fall, he was consistently leading most national and state-level polls over a period of months. At that point, a “data scientist” should say, “Gosh, Donald Trump sure looks like the favorite to win this thing.”