Currently Reading: A Brief History of Seven Killings

Jamaican politics, nefarious dealings by the CIA, magic realism and Bob Marley. About 10% in. Disturbing and complex with a range of POV characters wit quite varied voices and perspectives. All centered around an attempt assassination.



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  1. KR

    That’s working its way up my list; will be curious to hear what you think when done.

    Currently reading: Misha Glenny, Nemesis: One Man and the Battle for Rio (Anansi, 2015).

    “Breaking Bad meets City of God — the story of an ordinary man who became the king of the largest slum in Rio, the head of a drug cartel, and perhaps Brazil’s most wanted criminal. A man who tried to bring welfare and justice for the infamous favela of Rocinha while everyone around him drew guns & partied. It’s a gripping tale of gold-hunters & evangelical pastors, bent police and rich-kid addicts, quixotic politicians and drug lords with maths degrees”