Month: May 2016

  • Dragulwalron 2

    But, but we need an animated draguwalron for those twitter moments that need illustrating with a dragon/walrus cross? Oh OK then.

  • Draguwalron 1

    That most feared beast of the polar skies – The DRAGUWLARON!

  • On Dragons…

    The dragons in that list picture are ARTICULATED i.e. they have been rigged in Cheetah 3D. This means they are, in effect, virtual action figure dragons that I can put in different poses and things – or even animate.

  • Dragons!

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    Dragons! Also my arm is a lot better 🙂 Baroco Ferison View original post

  • Sunday beer: Endeavour Ale

    In a pub and it was on tap and I forgot to write down the name 🙂 One of these

  • Today’s GIF: Scary Computer

    Originally posted on Baroco Ferison:
    I couldn’t quite get the blinky-lights to blink

  • Cloud Factory

    Originally posted on Baroco Ferison:
    In the atmosphere the cloud factory is busy. I only do clouds now.

  • Mountain Monsters

    Originally posted on Baroco Ferison:
    Baroco Ferison View original post

  • Australian Politics Explained

    So there are elections going on in countries other than America? Yes, but they really aren’t quite as interesting. I don’t know, this one sounds interesting what with a Green versus a some kind of extreme nationalist? That’s AUSTRIA. I’m explaining AUSTRALIA. Well, the main thing is we’ve got that joke out of the way […]

  • Its a Blogaversary!

    Yup its been a year since this site has been up. Since then it has had lots of visitors, been taken over by a talking cat and been featured at such places as Amazing Stories, Black Gate and File770. Too celebrate, it now has a SIBLING! Baroco Ferison will just be the illustration/video posts […]

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