People need cat pictures

Just this once because people need cheering up.

On my travels I discovered the fabled lost city of Kittehoplis aka Catlantis.

Some pictures:

5 responses to “People need cat pictures”

  1. You are so sweet, and Timothy will now have to concede that he completely misread the zeitgeist; he could have brought comfort to the world, or at least those parts of the world which responds well to cat picures, and yet he chose otherwise. I have to say that his prompt removal from the editorial staff would go some way to ease the wounds, though of course he’s your cat and the buck stops with you…


  2. Thank you! I did need those… Except maybe for topiary kitty. Topiary animals frighten me, ever since I read The Shining. And that one looks like Hello Kitty, and she might go all Ringu and come out of my phone to kill me.

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