Larry Reacts to the Rabid Vandalism

So Larry Correia has posted a semi-reaction to the Hugo nominations with a comment on Facebook.


Larry Correia They had their chance to deal with people like me or Brad, but they were elitist assholes instead. Now they get Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

In other words Larry nominated Vox in past Sad Puppy campaigns to save us all from Vox and Brad nominated crap like Wisdom from My Internet and Zombie Nation to save us from Space Raptor Butt Invasion. Ah, if only we had the wisdom to take their bitter medicine we would now be safe and sound from Vox because we all know how well US conservatives can control egocentric wreckers – why just look at how well the Republican Party is keeping Donald Trump under control…

Larry, you might want to look up “useful idiot”.


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7 responses to “Larry Reacts to the Rabid Vandalism”

  1. Nope. Still not seeing a whole lot of difference between the asshole Vox Day and the asshole Larry Correia, with the exception that Correia didn’t run his own slate this year.


  2. Huh, Larry invites a petty-minded demagogue to his party in a fit of pique, gets his entire campaign hollowed out and stolen from under him, and now he’s trying to pretend he meant it all along?


    • Yeah, yeah, you see this proves his whole point all along which was that um, something politics, literati, awards are irrelevant and he had to save us from Vox Day something Damien Walters. Really he has been quite clear about that all along.


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