Timothy Under Attack by SJW Warrior Feminist Filers

A certain “website” which I shall not name because I shall not provide it with anymore publicity because I am sure nobody but a tiny number of far left Bernie Sanders supporters in a gated community ever read, as they sip champagne frappucinos in their la-di-da literati bookclub but whose name rhymes with smileearnestbevinbeventy, has SELECTIVELY QUOTED ME in a truly monstrous way to suggest that I am nothing but a poo-poo head! The calumny! The outrage!

See here http://file770.com/?p=28590 . See? See?
Oh and has he linked to my brilliant essays on other topics? Oh no. He just picks the one in which that absentee landlord socialist pretentious nitwit Camestros Floppypants calls me names! Is there no shame on the Internet? No integrity left in these United States of Freedom and Liberty for all? What about free speech and the right not to have the Feds stable horses in your standing army? That”s what I want to know. Also I’d like to know why only humans can eat chocolate but that is a side issue.

Did any of those straw puppy kissers at dialeleveneleventy consider that I have a busy day cleaning up before Camisole Feeblehats gets home? No because they all employ servants to clean the house like we di with Mr Atomic, although technically we don’t pay him he just hangs around making a whirring noise and waves his arms around saying “danger, danger” because that’s what his grandpoppy used to do on TV. Seriously why doesn’t he clean up all this mess, just because I made it?

And look at the evil slanderous title: “Through the Scrolling Glass”! A clear implication that I hate the people of Belgium! I am NOT and never have been in anyway a Belgiumaphone. Just because of that one time when I got drunk in Bruges and set fire to the mayor’s house while singing a rude song in Flemish about Walloons all being smelly sock buckets, people pretend that my views on Belgium are somehow bigotted and unreasonable despite the unassailable logic of my position. Is moving Belgium to Antarctica THAT unreasonable? No, it is not and if they were right about so called ” global warming change” then it would be all warm and sunny and not all damp and floody like Bruges was that time (which, to be fair, did help prevent the fire from destroying the whole town).

But do not worry. When Donald Trump sweeps the new DragonCon Awards I SHALL BE VINDICATED! Oh yes, oh yes indeed Mr Glider.

6 thoughts on “Timothy Under Attack by SJW Warrior Feminist Filers

  1. Selective quoting is fun! Here’s what Timothy just said:

    “I shall not…ever read…book…s…as…I am nothing but a poo-poo head”

    “I have….a whirring noise…on TV. Seriously.”


    “Walloons…are…moving…to Antarctica…if they…like…fire”


  2. You’ve set a new standard around here that Mr. Floppypants will find it hard to live up to. Or live down. One or the other.


  3. I have often wondered what it would be like to be able to speak with my cats, and sort of wished I could
    I’m pretty sure I understand it all now.
    Quoth the raven, never mind.


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