New toy is GIFBrewery which turns movie files into animated GIFs.


This was an abandoned attempt to have some fish gently swimming in a circle. It went wrong, badly wrong. So now it is a GIF. This is how I punish my creations!



  1. Archbishop Laudanum

    ** hears there’s a new brewery in town, wanders over for a look-see **

    ** hypnotized by aquarium … forced to deploy catlike reflexes to avoid ninja throwing star from out of the deep blue nothing**

    ** drinks **


  2. Archbishop Laudanum

    If it’s supposed to be invisible, why does it even need to be there? What were you trying to do?

    Kinda looks like a giant manta ray if you squint just right through the lens of Monday gin and tonic (not Sunday beer). I guess that’d be a distillery, not a brewery. Maybe I just came up with another million dollar idea in there somewhere.

    Onward to tequila tuesday….


    • camestrosfelapton

      šŸ™‚ you are going to regretcasking that…
      The fish are particles that the 3D modelling program duplicates at defined points. In this case the defined points are the vertices of a tetrahedron. By rotating the tetrahedron the fish rotate around as well. The fish had their own animation as well (which was what I was exoerimenting with ) but the two seperate motions didn’t work together as planned.
      Tl;dr the invisible shape makes the fish go round šŸ™‚


  3. Archbishop Laudanum

    That’s super super interesting. I was wondering why the fish were tumbling around in that pattern but I can see it now. I enjoy hearing about this stuff since most of my work takes place in 2D (old school 3 x 5 notecards) and 4D (temporality). I’ve skipped right over 3D.

    Also, happy belated pi day CF. I know you like mathematics.

    And for you over there in the future, beware the ides of March:


  4. Archbishop Laudanum

    Earlier post not appearing so will say it again… that was interesting! thanks for explaining it. I can see the shape now. Wish I knew more of this kind of stuff.

    Happy pi day! (one day late for you). Go and consume 3.14 of a pie, 3.14 beers, whatever. For science.


  5. Archbishop Laudanum

    šŸ™‚ Good for wordpress fighting off those spammers (** suddenly wonders if she is a spammer **)

    I saw the story about WIlliam Jones inventing pi. I wonder, is pi something that had to be invented or was it pre-existing and thus merely discovered? Not sure if that is a philosophy question, a math question, a science question or a pointless late night bar room question (my favourite kind).

    There’s free pie on campus today. I remember one Australian who was here for thanksgiving was freaked out that we make pumpkin pie here. I guess that’s a no go in Australia.


  6. Lurkertype

    I thought they were some sort of blimps or dirigibles, which would mean an alternate universe. I guess it is an alternate universe from what CF intended for the fish.

    I think Pi was discovered. The ratio was there ever since circles and spheres came into being, so it couldn’t have been invented except if you think God said, “Let there be Pi”, and even then it wouldn’t be an invention by man.

    Archbishop, I had a friend who did the whole American Thanksgiving when living in England (with can of pumpkin shipped by her mom) and an English guest went on and ON about “Pie made out of pumpkins? Ridiculous!” and scoffing all afternoon in an extremely superior English way. Until he tasted it. At which point he apologized, ate three pieces, and asked for the recipe, proclaiming it “brilliant”.

    It’s actually an English invention, which is why the Pilgrims and other early settlers ate it. Shame the Brits forgot how to make the glorious stuff. And the Aussies make a pumpkin soup which would only need to be thicker and a tiny bit sweeter to be pie filling.

    They just don’t like to admit ‘Mericans have some tasty, tasty food and no hangups about combining things. šŸ˜‰