More book covers:

The Academy of British Cover Design (which apparently is a thing) announced their book covers of the year winners

Shortlist and winners are here:

There is a special SF/F category but also some genre covers in other categories.

The winning SF/F design by Ben Summers is cleverly minimalist:


Of the non-genre covers, I found this one very attractive:


2 thoughts on “More book covers:

  1. I find myself overwhelmed by your ability to do all these things. And then I remember: when it comes to handbags, I’m leagues ahead of you.


  2. I’m curious what it is that draws you to those two covers.

    I saw the nominees last week and was underwhelmed by pretty much all of them. I liked the idea of the Syriza one, using the Greek key pattern, but thought it was executed poorly (or maybe I’m still just mad at Syriza πŸ™‚ ). I do love that blue though.


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