Sculpting heads

More adventures in 3D. I haven’t posted many pictures recently because I’ve been storing stuff away to fill out the blog while I’m away during late-March/April.

I’ve been playing with Sculptris and trying to improve my ability to make heads. Usually with people and start with a mesh from Poser and then add stuff/distort but I’d like to depend less on that.

A feature of Sculptris I haven’t played much with is its capacity to paint onto the things you sculpt. In principle that makes the UV mapping issue much simpler but in practice I import the final mesh into other programs which results in any such painting being lost. So here is a painted philosopher head that I made from scratch i.e. it started as a sphere of virtual clay in Sculptris. It will end up being a marble-looking bust in a different picture but here is a painted version that is warmer.


Mind you…having made this I can make a talking-head animation with it really easily…


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