It’s time for…blog round up

Hemant Mehta talks to atheists who plan to vote Republican in the US presidential election.

Speaking of which Skepchick, Alex Rudewell looks into whether notable skeptic, Michale Shermer is supporting Donald Trump

And while we are in that general space of religion and atheism, Mano Singham has piece about a kind of modern day temple-prostitution.

Moving onto to more SFnal things, Cora Buhlert has her regular Indie Speculative Fiction of the month post

And still at Cora’s a further round up of Nebula Award reactions:

Rachael Acks watched the movie ‘Gods of Egypt’ while drunk and blogged about it for charity. Her write up has a Venn diagram in it which is great but the movie has ‘no wangs’ (as she puts it) which considering this is supposed to be a retelling of the Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set story is a glaring omission. Rather like having a movie of the New Testament and leaving out crosses. Anway, a laugh-out-loud funny review.

Kate Paulk at Mad Genius describes the next steps in Sad Puppy 4 The comments go off on a hilarious tangent about how Mad Genius is so much better because they don’t moderate people much unlike File 770 which does because everybody knows that John Scalzi moderates his comments. I simply said ‘Hmmmmmmm’ because raising one’s eyebrows in a way to suggest ‘have you actually thought about what you are saying?’ doesn’t work over the internet.

Best Movie Space Battles at File770

Thoreau muses on US civil traditions in an essay entitled You can learn a lot from people who sleep with snakes

Joanna Cabot at TeleRead discusses the Kylie versus Kylie intellectual property argument



5 thoughts on “It’s time for…blog round up

  1. Cora Buhlert writes a lot of sense. I read a few other things by her recently (must have been linked at F770) so I think I need to add her to my RSS. And obviously Rachel Acks is great, because obviously.

    I spotted the MGC comments. It seems to be more of an article of faith that they don’t moderate much, because it ignores that they ban people or talk about not letting new posters out of moderation, and then restrict and delete posts. I don’t have any issue with this – their blog their rules – but claiming they’re on the side of the angels is bizarre. Scalzi deletes comments in place very occasionally, often for being off his defined topic, and you could argue that the Making Light disemvowelling still leaves an almost-comprehensible record. Mike has a much lighter touch than either (unless he’s deleting trolls unseen every day or something).


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