Sad Puppy 4 Graph Again

Quick sketch of Sp4 Best Novel recommendations to date. The grey line is not on the same scale and indicates cumulative growth.



4 thoughts on “Sad Puppy 4 Graph Again

  1. Hmm, the MGC category promo post hasn’t really provided the promised spike in activity, has it? I had a quick look and there’s just a small flurry in the Campbell. I suspect Declan Finn’s blog posts have been more influential than Paulk’s.


    1. I think Paulk’s earlier promos helped but by now any MGC reader who was going to make a recommendation has done so.

      What hasn’t happened is any ’embiggining’ – which isn’t surprising because they haven’t done anything to promote SP4 beyond MGC. Um, not that they should of course.


  2. Interesting rush. I wonder how many we’ll see once the mods approve comments by new posters.


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