Some Groups on Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council

Here are some organization taking helping keep children safe from people who would do them harm.

ikeepsafe –

iKeepSafe tracks global trends and issues surrounding digitally connected products and their affect on children. This research drives the continuous creation of positive resources for parents, educators and policymakers who teach youths how to use new media devices and platforms in safe and healthy ways.

iCanHelpLine –

iCanHelpline is where schools and districts can call or email to get help in resolving problems that surface in social media – problems such as cyberbullying, sexting and reputation issues involving students, staff or anyone in the school community. It’s a free service for schools, so we ask that individuals seeking help with a social media issue ask their school to contact us so we can all work together.

National Network to End Domestic Violence –

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) was founded more than 25 years ago to be the leading voice for survivors of domestic violence and their allies.

NNEDV was formed in 1990 when a small group of domestic violence victim advocates came together to promote federal legislation related to domestic violence.  The group was known as the Domestic Violence Coalition on Public Policy.

Over the next four years, it became an alliance of domestic violence shelter programs and statewide groups and coalitions against domestic and sexual violence across the country.

Project Rockit –

PROJECT ROCKIT was launched in 2006 by Rosie and Lucy Thomas, two Australian sisters who saw the opportunity to create real social change by tackling the issue of bullying in school communities.

To put it simply, PROJECT ROCKIT builds spaces where imagination, leadership, creative expression and acceptance are available to all young people, regardless of their social label, grades, gender, sexuality or cultural background.

Love146 –

Love146 is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. The trafficking and exploitation of children is one of the darkest stories and most severe human rights abuses imaginable. But for us, the hope of ending it is a reality. Love146 is helping grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing effective, thoughtful solutions. We believe in the power of love and its ability to effect sustainable change. Love is the foundation of our motivation.


The Family Online Safety Institute is an international, non-profit organization which works to make the online world safer for kids and their families.  FOSI convenes leaders in industry, government and the non-profit sectors to collaborate and innovate new solutions and policies in the field of online safety.

The Internet Watch Foundation –

We are the UK Hotline for reporting criminal online content:
Child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world
Criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK
Non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK

The National Domestic Violence Hotline –

Operating around the clock, seven days a week, confidential and free of cost, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides lifesaving tools and immediate support to enable victims to find safety and live lives free of abuse. Callers to The Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) can expect highly trained, experienced advocates to offer compassionate support, crisis intervention information and referral services in over 170 languages. Visitors to this site can find information about domestic violence, safety planning, local resources and ways to support the organization.

Bravehearts –

At Bravehearts, we are committed to achieving the following:
Our Mission
To stop child sexual assault in our society.
Our Vision
To make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.
Our Guiding Principles
To, at all times, do all things to serve our Mission without fear or favour and without compromise and to continually ensure that the best interests and protection of the child are placed before all other considerations.

Thorn –

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children –

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® opened in 1984 to serve as the nation’s clearinghouse on issues related to missing and sexually exploited children. Today NCMEC is authorized by Congress to perform 22 programs and services to assist law enforcement, families and the professionals who serve them.

These are also just *some* of the organizations that are on Twitter’s Trust and safety Council:

It is interesting how certain people only mention one of the organization (and often then get it confused with Anita Sarkeesian as an individual). It is interesting that certain people on the right attack this council and hence wittingly or unwittingly attack the organizations above (and many others). A commentator on this blog described the members of this council as ‘partisan dickheads’ – wow. I assume this was out of genuine ignorance but still, this is where the alt-right is heading and has been heading for years – to become the defenders of abuse.



14 responses to “Some Groups on Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council”

  1. Uh huh. Sure, Camestros. Nice pearls by the way.

    And no one in any of those groups would ever suggest that the twitter account of, oh let’s say Orson Scott Card might contain some bad things, like maybe marriage is between one man and one woman (oh, SO bad!), and that he might need to shut up for a while.

    Or that it’s perfectly ok for a crowd of feminists to savage a certain scientist because he wore a horribly awful shirt on TV. Because hey, their hearts are in the right place.

    A nice name and a nice mission statement means… what, exactly? Who are these people, that they get to say what I see on my Twitter feed? Shouldn’t I be the one deciding that? Oh wait, I don’t have a twitter feed. I never use Twitter because I don’t want a bunch of scummy hipsters screwing with me.

    By the way, the National Network to End Domestic Violence are Democrat Party apparatchiks. It’s a lobby group of partisan Leftist dickheads. I’d trust them as far as I could throw them by the ear.

    Tell me again about how I’m a defender of abuse though, that’s kinda catchy.


      • Well, let’s be clear then shall we? Are YOU just fine with “groups fighting against child abuse” being the ones who decide what you get to see on YOUR Twitter feed?

        I’m very happy that they are out there fighting child abuse. I’m not happy that they get to decide my Twitter feed.

        You see how those two things are not the same? You see the distinction?

        You see how maybe I might get the idea that a group who says they’re all about the fighting child abuse, who signs up to help censor Twitter from eeeevile Conservatives, might be less about protecting kids and more a bunch of partisan dickheads interested in political advantage?

        But tell me the thing about me being the defender of abuse, ok? That sounded all rad and stuff. Really Frank Miller villain, edgy y’know?

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      • “I am very happy that Twitter us taking steps to stop people who abuse children using their platform. How about you?”

        I do not believe that is what they are doing. And you didn’t answer the question, did you?


      • Do you? Is it more convincing than the evidence that they’re silencing conservative commentators? What is the nature of this evidence? It is mostly the little blurbs posted above?

        And by the way, how do you feel about having a small group decide what goes on your Twitter feed?

        What if Donald Trump bought Twitter? How would you feel then?


  2. Oh the costuming and set possibilities…..

    First album title: Whither the Grand Remonstrance?

    Special one-off edition title for Martin Shkreli only: Anyone for Bills of Attainder?


  3. I enjoy your typos. They are more pleasing than my Pedantic Run-on Sentences. Which, coincidentally, is the name of the touring Archbishop Laudanum tribute band. Parmesan Dickheads may be the opening act.


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