Sunday Beer: Chilli Beer


Beer with chilli in it. Can you imagine that? If so then you already know what this tastes like – basically beer but with the spicy after taste of chilli. As subtle as eating a chilli, while drinking beer but without the crunchy bit. Still it was not unpleasant sitting in a caravan park on a camping chair while eating pizza.

From the Frankenstein like brewers here in Broome in Western Australia

2 thoughts on “Sunday Beer: Chilli Beer

  1. So I was going to make some lame joke about remembering when I had delicious chili chocolate at the lake, being happy campers and the hippocampus — but then I realized that hippocampus research was popularized by a guy named Scoville, and the chili pepper hotness scale was devised by a guy also called Scoville and freaked myself out.

    ** turns and runs out of post. James Burke follows, frantically making more Connections **


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