The Joys of Rendering

More adventures in 3D. I’ve been playing with particles – an object that you make one instance of and which the program then repeats in a grid or along an object. I tried to make a sort of freaky tree and it looks fine but…when I put it in a landscape the renderer takes forever even though it is a static 640 by 480 image. 83537 seconds and it still hasn’t stopped! Not quite 24 hours yet. For comparison the rendering for the Christmas Tree File 770 animation took about 5 hours for the lot at a higher resolution. I need a bigger computer for this stuff 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Joys of Rendering

  1. I’m interested in all these visual experiments. Keep ’em coming. Graphed knowledge also outside my usual methodology so fun to think about being able to do. I can read centuries-old paleography in foreign languages but don’t know how to function in Excel or Powerpoint. Wow. That’s embarrassing to admit.


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