William Blake’s 7

Philip Sandifer is apparently contemplating writing an annotation of William Blake’s work http://philsandifer.tumblr.com/post/139080576731/manifesto-notes-for-blake-annotations and I think that is quite an exciting prospect.

At least one witty fellow on Twitter suggested that it would be a set of annotations on Blake’s 7. I say, why not both? Blake’s 7 but set in the late 18th century and with the demiurge-like Urizen manipulating the British Empire and Blake commanding the uncanny sailing ship known as the Liberator.

But who are the rest of the unlikely crew? There isn’t a neat overlap in ages for my choices but let’s just assume timey-wimey influences allow them all to be closer in age:

Blake – William Blake obviously

Avon – Joseph Priestley, scientist and polymath (its the 18th century – lots of polymaths). Not actually very much like the character of Avon but there is a bit of a resemblance

priestley e6ece8b2f183690bf84bf1f33fb3ee1c

Vila – Thomas Paine because he was a cheeky fellow

Cally – Mary Wollstonecraft who would make an excellent alien telepathic freedom fighter

Gan – Ersamus Darwin, just because

Jenna – Jane Austen

Orac – the disembodied brain of Jeremy Bentham