Blog Round-Up Time!

What is going on around the web –

Natalie Luhrs has been making pivot tables! An analysis of the Locus Reading List by various categories (e.g. gender)  Also she has made the whole data set she collated downloadable. Impressive stuff.

Scenes from a Multiverse discusses SJWs

J Carlton at The Arts Mechanical re-posted the Larry Pic and the a link to a different post of mine here He also complains about ‘puppy kickers’ linking Sad-Puppies to Vox Day. Gosh 🙂

Nicholas Whyte continues to provide insights into the gloriously 1970s UK kids show The Double Deckers

Rachel Acks’s ‘No Shit’ anthology is at the rejecting things stage

Lis Carey has a review of Bandersnatch: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings, by Diana Pavlac Glyer

Rocket Stack Rank has useful resources for those looking for stuff to nominate or reminders of what they are considering The pro artist category is neatly done.

Karl-Johan has an ABBA themed Cthulu filk using Chiquita I suspect he may receive a visit from Laundry agents for adding dark-powers to ear worms.


6 responses to “Blog Round-Up Time!”

  1. Pivot tables are the best. I don’t get to use them often enough at day job, as colleagues like to have columns where they can make comments. Sigh.


  2. J Carlton: As long as you and the rest of your idiot kicker friends tie Vox to the Sad Puppies there’s no possible way that the puppies can cut him loose. Vox is the kickers problem, not ours. We really don’t care very much about Vox one way or another. It you kickers who’ve stuck us with him.

    No, J Carlton, it’s your Sad Puppy leaders who have tied the Sad Puppies to Vox Day’s apron. They’re the ones who collaborated with him on last year’s Puppy slates.

    If you have a problem being associated with him, then consider that you chose to sign on to Sad Puppies without understanding exactly who and what you were signing on to. Now, granted, you probably didn’t know what you were signing on to because the Puppy leaders were not open and honest about that. But after you figured it out, you had the option to walk away and cut yourself loose from VD. And since you didn’t, that makes you a willing participant with VD.

    VD is very much the Sad Puppies’ problem — because they are always going to be tied to him now. Blame your Sad Puppy leaders for that.


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