Month: Feb 2016

  • [pass the popcorn – the popcorn of existential horror]

    The grown-ups are still arguing about who loves America more – the one from Southern Europe versus the one who lives in Southern Europe. On balance I’m supporting Team Hoyt on the grounds of them not being racial-supermacists but eek, Team Vox just argues better. Hoyt here: and Vox here: Vox continues to […]

  • SP4 Update with 17 Hoursish left

    Another narrative free graph for those keeping score. Same caveats apply (i.e. I may have messed up the data).

  • Using Goodreads Data

    The other week I posted some comments at Mad Genius about this post – unfortunately most of the responses were not exactly shining examples of how to have a rational discussion. However, one chap did decide to engage on a level above name-calling, which was nice.

  • Sculptris

    More adventures in 3D. I haven’t done much more in Blender because I can make stuff much quicker in Cheetah 3D despite its limitations. Blender has everything but by having everything, the used interface is bewildering. One thing I wanted to use Blender for though was ‘sculpting’. Sculpting is the process by which you pull, […]

  • [popcorn munching noise – the popcorn of despair]

    The back and forth between Sarah Hoyt (Team Cruz) and Vox Day (Team Trump) continues. Sarah Hoyt here: Vox Day in reply here: It is kind of interesting watching Sarah work out that the man she allied with stands for political ideas that are extraordinarily toxic. Meanwhile, as other sections of Puppydom are […]

  • Sad Puppy 4 Graph Again

    Quick sketch of Sp4 Best Novel recommendations to date. The grey line is not on the same scale and indicates cumulative growth.  

  • Follow up to ‘Trump, Cruz, Rabid & Sad’ In a previous post I looked at how the US Republican Party nomination process was playing out in Sad Land and Rabidonia. This is a short update. The main thing to note is that, as far as I can tell, most notable Puppies aren’t saying a great deal about it. Which is wise and […]

  • Adam Baldwin De-Quits Twitter

    After quitting Twitter in a manner that caused his ‘friends’ to launch their own conspiracy theories (see ) Adam Baldwin has been posting tweets again on Twitter. Now to be fair to Mr Baldwin they are all about how he is quitting Twitter but they do look like a public health safety message about […]

  • A Comment on Free Speech & Twitter

    [This was a comment I made at File 770 on this issue the other day] I think the Trust and Safety council is very much about free speech. I disagree with others here (to a limited extent) that because Twitter is a private company that free-speech doesn’t come into it. The broader notion applies even […]

  • Some Groups on Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council

    Here are some organization taking helping keep children safe from people who would do them harm. ikeepsafe – iKeepSafe tracks global trends and issues surrounding digitally connected products and their affect on children. This research drives the continuous creation of positive resources for parents, educators and policymakers who teach youths how to use new […]