Semiprozine: T, U (V,W,X,Y,Z)

tv415kansiCome on people, seriously – yes I know X and Z are low frequency initial letters in English but this is SF people! Nobody has a semiprozine starting with Z? Z the most science fictional letter of the alphabet?

Last round up! And with nary a day to spare before February arrives in all its cruelty.


Tähtivaeltaja no, no those aren’t pretentious fantasy or heavy-metal umlauts but genuine Finish ones. My Soumi linguistic skills are non-existent but if you browse their site (which include online editions of the zine as well as a blog) and use Google Chrome, you can get an OK English translation e.g. Chrome served up this article on Nnedi Okorafor with only a few translation quirks:

For many, Africa represents an acacia tree, standing alone in the middle of the savanna sunset. View adorns tens or even hundreds of book covers. It seeks to stir up dormant potential reader to race in memory images of the black continent. Which is of course nonsense, since it is a mere brainwashing illusion created by the cynical market mechanism. One picture can not possibly speak of an entire continent at the mouth.

Nnedi Okoraforin (p. 1974), the production brings the African acacia tree closer to the reader. Or at least part of it, because it would be absurd to assume one writer about a compressive hundreds and thousands of tribes in one mold. Okoraforin the natural environment is in West Africa located in Nigeria, especially in the southern and eastern parts of the red maanteineen, sadekausineen and lively market.

– See more at:

Great cover art also.

Uncanny Uncanny is the one I’ve been ending up at independently of this survey of semipros. Really good mix of stories and articles. I shant say more for fear of gushing.

Utah Geek A very location specific ‘zine – a place for geeks in Utah. Lots of movie reviews not actually all about geeks in Utah (although that sounds like a good premise for a TV series) but rather serving SF/F news to Utah fandom.

Unlikely Story weird fiction and fiction using the conventions of non-fiction, presented as pseudo-scholarship in a manner both fun and whimsical. Of all the semipros I have looked at, Unlikely Story has the most fun submission guidelines.

Unlikely Story publishes three themed issues a year: The Journal of Unlikely EntomologyThe Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, and The Journal of Whatever Tickles Our Fancy This Year. We reserve the right to put out an indeterminate number of further sub-themed mini-issues on an irregular basis, or not, depending on how we feel. See below for specific details regarding each issue.

And that’s your lot.

Semiprozines, the hardworking gardeners of SF/F talent. We salute you all!



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  1. I didn’t realise I’d read Unlikely Stories, due to that faux-rebranding style, but turns out I’d read and enjoyed their “Journal of Unlikely Academia”. This story was clever:
    They may have to go on my shortlist.

    Uncanny is the clear standout in this segment of the alphabet, and possibly in the whole alphabet. It’s impossible to choose a favourite story, but I have half a dozen on my long list. Perhaps or


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