Review: Slade House by David Mitchell

Novel/Novella? 2015

Tied loosely to Mitchell’s 2014 novel The Bone Clocks, this shorter book uses Mitchell’s trademark structure of a series of stories with distinct characters set in different time periods.

Slade House is a magnificent city house of landed gentry sited oddly in a rundown neighborhood. People in the surrounding area are oddly unaware of it and the visitors we encounter in the story approach the house by the iron door to the garden, a door apparently hidden in the dank and obscure Slade Alley…

This is a story of a haunting. A house that haunts a laneway, and the people who are drawn into its clutches every few years. By gradual revelation the mystery of the house is explained as we learn more about the twin brother and sister who live there.

I very much enjoyed this. While very much in keeping with The Bone Clocks the focus is more on the genre elements (the horror aspects and the psychic/temporal war that runs through The Bone Clocks as a backstory) while retaining Mitchell’s style of shifting from character to character.

Novel or novella? Haven’t done a wordcount -238 pages, so it is short šŸ™‚



  1. JJ

    I’ve put this on my TBR list, but won’t get to it until after Hugo nominations close. Did you read Bone Clocks? If so, what did you think of it? I thought it had a great deal of promise, but I ended up extremely disappointed.


      • JJ

        I thought it was kind of bizarre. He starts out with this interesting plotline of people having a special power which essentially makes them immortal and capable of influencing the future, and halfway through the book or so… it just gets dropped, and he picks up with almost a different, post-apocalyptic book entirely. I really wanted to read the rest of the book he wrote in the first half, but he just abandoned it. And I didn’t really find the different book in the second half nearly as interesting.


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