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I’ve gone through a view minor-emotional stages with this mini-project: firstly ‘that’s a neat idea’, secondly ‘this is nuts, I can barely get a handle on one never mind several’, thirdly ‘there are way to many’, fourthly ‘plow on regardless’. Currently I’m in a ‘this was worthwhile’. I’ve met some interesting short stories, one novella I’ll possibly nominate and (thanks to people who commented) identified some broken links and solved some eligibility questions. Also, where past the middle of the alphabet!

This issues semipro’s are:

  • Nebula Rift* (formerly eSciFi)
  • New Realm* (formerly eFantasy)
  • Neo-Opsis
  • New York Review of Science Fiction
  • On Spec

Nebula Rift and New Realm are stable mates at ‘eFiction Publishing’ a publisher that does genre specific online magazines.

Nebula Rift is SF  and New Realm is Fantasy Only preview images of starts of stories are available.

Since writing this they have been confirmed as professional rather than semi-pro.

Neo-Opsis a Canadian SF magazine that aims to be about:

Entertainment – Let Neo-opsis magazine entertain you with fun and interesting stories, written from the perspective of science and fantasy.

Information – Read informative articles on science and nature. Check out the Science and Science Fiction news articles.

Interpretation – Enjoy book and movie reviews. Find out what others think, with Neo-opsis opinion columns and letters section.

I may be wrong but I think it is print only.

New York Review of Science Fiction long running review magazine.

On Spec  The link at the semiprozine directory is directed at an out-of-date page. On Spec is the ‘Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic’. An Aurora winning magazine with fiction about the fantastic plus reviews and stuff. No previews that I could find


4 thoughts on “Semiprozine N &O

  1. I’m not a humble person, but I am humbled by the vast amounts of work you put into this for the benefit of all.

    Should you ever feel a yearning for a velvet cloak, which swirls a lot, then say the word; like all true costumers I have far more fabric than any one person could use in the course of a lifetime, and they won’t let us take it with us. Some sort of nonsense about the coffin being too small.

    Also, making a full circle cloak is easy peasy; all you need is a tack, a piece of string, and some chalk to draw the two semicircles on the velvet, followed by one seam; hemming is optional. Actually, now I come to think of it I really should kill you; you have just read one of the most closely guarded secrets of the guild. On the other hand I have just betrayed one of the most closely guarded secrets of the guild, so I think we should just pretend this hasn’t happened…


    1. Where’s the one seam go, then? Around the neck?

      My mother made me a black velvet cloak, lined with something satiny, with a lined hood attached and some fabulous frogging. It’s swanky. I wear it on either formal occasions (original purpose) or to cons (much more often).


  2. Nothing I’ve actually read in this bit of the alphabet.

    Neo-opsis – via their facebook page I spotted an online source that has reviewed their latest issue, but unfortunately none of the reviews made me want to order a physical copy from Canada. (

    NYRSF – I’ve never ventured into this one. It looks like they publish some of their articles free on line, so I’ll put them in my feedly and try a few articles this year. Unfortunately it looks like at least some of the reviews are in my least-favourite format, where the reviewer spends a long time demonstrating that they’re an expert in the field, before finally getting around to talking about the actual book at the end. There was quite a good interview of the Foglios (of Girl Genius) by Michael Swanwick in the archives though.

    On Spec – looks interesting, seems to be good quality and long-standing. As you say, no previews, but I think I’ll try an issue this year and see.


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