Gender and Lego Musings

So the next few days (starting Friday) the blog is in the hands of robots (Mr Atomic aka the WordPress post scheduler) and there is a Hugo-figure trading card each day. The cards form a simple narrative describing the events of the 2015 Hugo Awards with some dramatic liberties included (a time portal and a simplified happy ending).

The figures include where on the basis of what I could actually draw and as the issue of gender representation in toy line is a hot topic currently I thought I’d have look at how things worked out with the figures I made.

1. There are four named male characters based directly on real people. All of them are men. All of them have facial hair (Vox Day has stubble).
2. There is one very ambiguous character (literally the face is a question mark) but for reasons that are spoilery to explain, the character is male.
3. There is a were-dinosaur that I describe as she but has no visual coding of gender.
4. There is a morlock that is half naked as morlock’s are supposed to be. Reasonable to see it as male by default.
5. There is a sad-puppy with no visual coding of gender.
6. There is are a pair of wizard-like characters who are both in dresses (i.e. robes, i.e. solid bottom sections rather than lego-legs) with lego gender cues on their faces (beard on one, full lips and hair on the other).

So 9 figures only one of which *looks* female (by the crude standards of lego), only one of which is referred to as female and some which could be female. That’s a pretty bad showing. I really want to add some more but avoid anything that looks like I’m mocking somebody’s appearance.


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