Semiprozine Update

So some addenda etc.

Fireside: the link at Semiprozine was out of date. Correct link (as confirmed with Fireside) is

Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destoyer got a lot of love from Sad Puppies last cycle but was ineligible because it was dated 2015. You can read it here it is fun.

Lightspeed: I listed in the last round-up but the nice people at Semiprozine Directory (who I’m relying on for the list) say that it now counts as professional.

Going back even further to early November, Apex is now also listed as Professional.

The inadvertently Puppy nominated Australians know as Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is still active but their website is currently having something done to it and isn’t available to February it seems.

So yeah, semiprozines – a moving target 🙂

4 thoughts on “Semiprozine Update

  1. Lightspeed and Apex are out? I suppose this means they are doing well, so good for them. More space for other names then! On the other hand, I think this is Uncanny’s first year of eligibility, and they’re excellent. Looking ahead in the alphabet, Shimmer and Strange Horizons will make for a good “S” section.


    1. Apparently. I sent an email to the Semiprozine Directory people about the link to Fireside and in the reply they mentioned that both Apex and Lightspeed were saying they were prozines now. So good for them – also makes the competition a bit more interesting.


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