Semiprozine: I, (J),K, L & (M)

  • Ideomancer
  • Interzone
  • Kaleidotrope
  • Lackington’s
  • Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
  • Lightspeed Magazine
  • LONTAR: Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction
  • Luna Station Quarterly

Onwards into the alphabet of semiprozanity.


Some neat fiction and poetry

This story really struck me “The Changeling and the Sun”, by Lee S. Hawke


Venerable, long-running British SF magazine with famous name contributors like Jeff Noon


The usual mix – fiction and poetry. Nothing grabbed me immediately but this story was ok


Lackington’s is an online magazine that publishes speculative fiction and art four times a year. We want to help widen the space for prose poetry. We’re looking for stylized prose. Not inept purple prose, of course, but controlled and well-crafted wordsmithery that reflects the story, setting, theme, atmosphere, or philosophy it seeks to describe.

For example

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

Their server was down when I visited but I’ve been there before and I’m sure it is active.


Popular magazine with lots of famous names, new fiction and reprints.


LONTAR is the world’s only biannual literary journal focusing on Southeast Asian speculative fiction. The journal was founded in 2012, in order to spread awareness of this literature to readers who might not normally be exposed to it, and to celebrate its existence and diversity within the region.

No story links but here are the author’s comments on an interesting story

Luna Station Quarterly

 Luna Station Quarterly is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by emerging women authors. Now in our 6th year!

As it says, mainly stories by newer writers, some reprints.

2 thoughts on “Semiprozine: I, (J),K, L & (M)

  1. This is a heavyweight alphabet segment. You could run a tough contest just from these. The standout is Lightspeed – consistently excellent issues. My longlist has 9 entries from them on. The non-fiction is good as well. Interzone – I’ve tried a few issues recently, and it’s a little bit uneven but gets some really interesting stories in, of which Edited by Rich Larson is a strong contender on my longlist. Kaleidotrope I’ve not consistently looked at but they published Monkey King, Faerie Queen by Zen Cho which I loved. Lady Churchill’s is a bit odd, but I’ve read some decent stories from it on recommendations. I’ve had a brief look at Lontar before and was interested without being grabbed.
    (P.S. I hope you don’t mind me wittering my thoughts in the comments, it’s helping me sort out my list for this category!)


    1. No please do! I find that if I get drawn into one of them, I then don’t have time to have a good look at the others. I keep feeling I’m missing something great.
      Also I’ve messed up some on the way (e.g. thinking they weren’t active when I’d missed the page with the new editions or something)


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