Semiprozine: E, F, G & H

Onward, ever onward through the lands of the chimeric beasts that neither ‘pro’ nor ‘fan’ but ‘semipro’!

  • Expanded Horizons
  • Fantasy Scroll
  • Flash Fiction Online
  • The Future Fire
  • GigaNotoSaurus
  • Grimdark Magazine
  • Holdfast Magazine

Expanded Horizons

The mission of this webzine is to increase diversity in the field of speculative fiction, both in the authors who contribute and in the perspectives presented. We feature speculative fiction stories and artwork, as well as essays about speculative fiction and fandom from diverse points of view.

An eclectic mix of stories. A curious variation on Snow White here

Fantasy Scroll

A bi-monthly fiction magazine and also a blog:

Flash Fiction Online

I do like sites with self-explanatory titles – this one has flash fiction and it is online. A lot of the content is SF/F but not all of it e.g. this neat story about a Nigerian man by Okafor Emmanuel Tochukwu

The Future Fire

The Future Fire is open to submissions of beautiful and useful short stories of Social-political and Progressive Speculative Fiction; Feminist SF; Queer SF; Eco SF; Multicultural SF; Cyberpunk. An experiment in and celebration of new writing, we shall publish issues whenever we have enough stories to fill them, approximately four times a year.

And sort of really retro web page design 🙂 And here is a story about a rice goddess


GigaNotoSaurus (the webzine, edited by Rashida J. Smith) publishes one longish fantasy or science fiction story monthly. Longish meaning longer than a short story, and shorter than a novel.

A handy source for novellas and novelettes! Didn’t finish reading this story set in a industrial but magical England  because a bird got in the house but I do mean to go back and carry on reading it 🙂

Grimdark Magazine

Is this a semiprozine? Looks professional and seems to be associated with Gollancz publishing but does say “As with all positions at GdM, this is a volunteer role.” in a job advert, so I’d say that clinches it! 🙂


Holdfast Magazine

Holdfast is a free, quarterly, speculative fiction magazine that explores all things fantastic. We interpret speculative fiction as an umbrella term for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Utopian, Urban fantasy, Alt History, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic…and as many odd, weird and bizarre variations herein.

Won Best Magazine in the 2015 British Fantasy Society Awards.  Fiction and non-fiction.


Not listed

  • Escape Pod: because it’s a podcast and I’m lazy
  • Fireside Magazine: Maybe it is just my browser but the URL leads to a blank page (and there is nothing in the page source either)
  • Goblin Fruit: Has a gorgeous looking website but the last issue was Fall 2014 (as far as I can tell and I’ve been wrong before!) but seriously have a look at that elaborate page design.



4 thoughts on “Semiprozine: E, F, G & H

  1. For me, the standout in this section of the alphabet here is GigaNotoSaurus. There’s nothing more to it than a story a month, but the quality is high, and longer reads are hard to find online. For a taste I’d recommend “Sacred Cows: Death and Squalor on the Rio Grande” by A. S. Diev, which is a “new gonzo journalism” account starting with a death from flying cow and going on from there. It might get a bit too silly for some tastes, but I think it stays on the right side. I haven’t caught up on GigaNotoSaurus for the year yet, but the stories I’ve read have all been to a high standard. Also, the website has a good dinosaur banner 🙂


    1. I agree – the way I’m doing this puts longer stories at a disadvantage so it is notable that GigaNotoSaurus is one I keep popping back to so as to see what else they’ve got.


  2. Just occurred to me that Fireside Mag might be
    They published Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer by Megan Grey in January 15 which is one of the original SP entries that was ineligible due to, well, Jan 15. It’s also actually a really good story. I’ll be interested to see if it gets any traction on its own this year.


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