Stage Your Own Kerfuffle

With mini figures of your favorite SF-kerfuffle protagonists!

minikerfuffle Apologies – once I’d made a Lego-style model, I had to do something with it. The mini-John Scalzi isn’t my best work…

11 thoughts on “Stage Your Own Kerfuffle

      1. 🙂 I thought Lego SF writers would be a fun idea – until I realized how many outspoken ones were bald men with glasses and beards, and how nigh on impossible it is to represent women via Lego-style figures.
        GRRM is the only one who works and that is because of the hat. I tried to do a JCW but it looked too much like a bad Terry Pratchett (again, the hat).

        The up-side is now I can speak authoritatively on the topic of SF-writers as Lego mini-figs 🙂


  1. Did you bring this to Scalzi’s attention? I think he’d like it. GRRM maybe too.

    Fig on the left is generic Puppy — they all talk the same anyway.


      1. Working on it 🙂
        I’ve had to rebuild the 3D models from scratch because I messed up to many things – they do freaky thing when I changed angles because I took short cuts and made rooky errors.


  2. I twigged to GRRM easily (it’s the hat, of course). Perhaps shirt logos would make it clearer who they are (I’ve no idea if that’s easy-peasy or a horrific technical challenge) e.g. a pup for Vox and of course a direwolf for GRRM. You could give VD a goblet made of his enemies skulls, but he’d probably like that a bit too much….


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